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Don’t pollute

In Random on April 22, 2010 at 9:03 am

Happy Earth Day!
Today people across the US will consider their carbon footprints. They’ll think of ways to conserve, recycle and eliminate pollutants in their life, to ensure our world stays healthy and around a long time.

Often we pollute our donor relationships as well. Its the same careless lazy attitude that causes earth pollution, which leads to polluted relationships. Not spending time connecting to stay in touch, leaving questions unanswered, assuming someone else will tell them first, not saying thank in a timely way, not offering to help before we know its needed. These all lead to a destruction of the trust and affection between your donor and you. Worse are the implicit forms of pollution: white lies, enhanced truths, applying the old spin to results.

Today, while you’re reviewing your earth friendly actions, consider your donor friendly values as well. And clean ’em up!

  1. The natural gas industry legally pollutes the air, water and soil with exemptions given to it in 2005. Here are two petitions for clean water.
    Clean air and soil petitions are on the way.

    Do something about pollution, together we can.

    It takes 30 minutes to sign two petitions at the state level and the federal level to BAN TOXIC CHEMICALS… Click on both links, you will not be spammed with emails!

    Federal Petition to Ban the Villains:

    Your zip code will send this to the state officials.

    You have a great article here, let’s get the poison out of the water.

    Drilling pollutes, visit our website at:

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